Movie Review: The Thirteenth Floor

The Thirteenth Floor

French philosopher Rene Descartes once made a statement that could prove our own existence, “I think therefore I am”. However, how many people can be confident in their own existence?

This issue has been controversial for many years in human history, and The Thirteenth Floor demonstrates the worst scenario that we can imagine.




The movie introduces the idea of a virtual reality (VR) created world were humans (users) control it and those who are in the VR were just units which are programmed to behave just like real human-beings.

Hannon Fuller, the inventor of this Virtual Reality System, realizes that his world is also virtual reality, not what we call the “real world”. Due to the fact that he created the system on the basis of the idea that he lives in the real world, it is easy to imagine that he is completely devastated by the truth. Eventually the leading character, Douglas Hall, finds out the secret as well.

The Thirteenth Floor shows the idea of VR from a different and hard to imagine perspective that will make the audience shiver.